Glass Plate Negative Digitization

The North Fork Historic Society (NFHS) has a large number of negatives and pictures documenting the North Fork area from the early 1900s. The complete collection consists of several different sets of negatives and prints. The NFHS has embarked on a project to digitize some of these collections and make them available on-line for researchers.


One of the collections contains approximately 1500 glass plate negatives from the studio of W. S. Edwards, Photos, Official Photographer for the Paonia Commercial Assocation, Paonia, Colorado. Most of the negatives are 5 x 7 inch glass plates but the collection also includes some 8 x 10 inch plates and some that are 3.5 x 5 inches. This collection is designated RG0001PH and is our top priority due to the storage issues and fragile nature of these negatives.


The second major collection contains an unknown number of 3.6 x 6 inch nitrate negatives, primarily scenic shots, taken in the surrounding area. We believe the photographer to be Curtiss. This collection is designated RG0002PH. This collection will be the second one to be scanned.

The third major collection includes a number of panoramic and other prints of the area for which we no longer have the negatives. These items are designated RG0003PH. If there are specific requests for images from this collection they will be scanned on an as needed basis.

Additional collections include a number of nitrate and safety film negatives of Paonia High School graduating classes, sports teams and club members. Dates on this collection range from the 1920s to the 1980s. There are no plans to digitize these negatives at this time. If you are a genealogist and this collection interests you please contact the Society for how you can become involved in the preservation and digitization of these images. These items are designated RG0004PH.

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