Image Use and Rights

Copyright Information

All digital images copyright 2005-2016 North Fork Historical Society. All rights reserved. Use of digital images found on this website is permitted for private or personal use only. Publication, commercial use, or reproduction of material in physical or digital form requires prior written permission from the North Fork Historical Society (NFHS).

The NFHS reserves the right to refuse photocopying or reproducing an image if, in its judgment, the reproduction would be used for purposes other than personal or private scholarship, use, or research. If a user employs a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of fair use, that user may be liable for copyright infringement. An Image Duplication Request form must be completed before any of the NFHS’s images are copied by any means, for any purpose.

Conditions of Use

In consideration of the NFHS’s supplying you (“the user”) with a copy of an image, the user agrees:

  1. All orders must be prepaid. All sales are final.
  2. All responsibility regarding questions of copyright or invasion of privacy that may arise in the use of material that has been reproduced by the North Fork Historical Society must be assumed by the user.
  3. The North Fork Historical Society gives no exclusive rights for the use of its material. Permission is granted for a one-time use only. Any subsequent use of an image requires the written permission of the Society and the payment of additional fees.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user to credit the North Fork Historical Society. Proper credit must be given to the creator if known. The preferred citation is as follows: North Fork Historical Society, Creator (if known), call number.
  5. The North Fork Historical Society does not allow its images to be used out of context or modified in any way that affects the historical integrity of the image.
  6. Special requests not specifically mentioned within the above procedures will be considered and subject to special agreements. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for items that pose unusual difficulty in scanning.
  7. The North Fork Historical Society requests, and is appreciative of receiving, a free copy of the item containing the material that is published or produced.


Fees are in 3 categories: reproduction, use, and shipping:

  1. Reproduction Fees 5 x 7″ copy print (from digital image file) $7.00
    8 x 10″ copy print (from digital image file) $10.00
    Digital image file copy: high-resolution reference file (JPG), @ minimum 300 dpi (per image) $2.00
    Media storage charge (per CD ROM) to transmit the digital image file(s) (1 CD holds approximately 30 images) $1.00
    Other formats and sizes can be made. Contact the Society for costs on other formats.
  2. Use Fees Per image, per use, per edition. These fees are in addition to reproduction and shipping fees. The Society charges no use fee for images solely used for personal research or display in a private home.
    1. In a book, guide, brochure, or similar use 1-5000 copies $10.00
      5001-10,000 copies $30.00
      10,001 -15,000 copies $50.00
      15,001-20,000 copies $70.00
      20,001-25,000 copies $90.00
      25,001-30,000 copies $110.00
      30,001-40,000 copies $130.00
      40,001-50,000 copies $150.00
      50,001-60,000 copies $170.00
      60,001-70,000 copies $190.00
    2. Other use Book jacket/ magazine cover (1-10,000 copies; ask ahead for prices on larger runs) $100.00 Commercial motion picture or television broadcast (one-time use only) $80.00
      Non-commercial motion picture or television (e.g., PBS) broadcast $50.00
      Advertising kits and/or press kits $150.00
    3. Non-profit or govermental agencies pay a flat $5.00 per image use fee.
  3. Shipping Fees Actual shipping costs for the prints and media ordered.